Armchair Biker Exclusive: BikeJet Visor Jetwash System – Unboxing!

I’m pleased to announce I’ll be the first independent tester to try out BikeJet Ltd’s brand new visor cleaning accessory – so brand new in fact that what you’re looking at is a 3D printed prototype. And just in case you’re thinking “Are you really going to stick that butt plug on your helmet?” Relax – I am not.

Bikejet is an on-bike accessory. It fits in the centre of your bars and connects to your bike’s electrics, sitting there quietly until the build up of dried on salt, road grime or insects on your visor demand you press the button and jet yourself with cleaning fluid (visor down obviously).

Once your visor’s wet, the idea is you simply wipe it clean with your glove wiper to restore nice a clear view. Clear Vision – Safe Riding is what the company promises. Though it’s an incredibly simple idea for year-round bikers, I don’t think anyone’s come up with it before – or at least one that looks like an elephant suppository anyway, so check out BikeJet Ltd’s Facebook page where you can see it in action.

Anyway, before I take it off on a 1000 mile trans-European slog this weekend to see if it’s something you might want in your biking arsenal, I thought I’d post a few shots of it in its pristine state before I make it look properly second hand by fitting it to my BMW:

Shown with hand for scale. (FYI my hand is not freakishly small.)
Fill hole on the left. Spray nozzle on top.
Pop the cap out to fill it up with cleaning fluid.
Then when you want a load in your face, press the chunky glove-friendly button and the road ahead is clear…Damn. That’s catchy.
Here’s the prototype as supplied (with extra fitting kit for my BM). I admit it does look a bit like a remote control sex toy right now but hopefully this’ll all change tomorrow. Reservoir seems sturdy, wiring all nicely heat shrunk ready to be fitted to the fused side of the electrics. 1000 mile road test coming up…

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