Armchair Biker listed in Carole Nash ‘Top 10 Motorcycle Blogs of 2017’

Inside Bikes, the online magazine for motorcycle insurance specialists Carole Nash has chosen to include Armchair Biker in its listing of the Top Ten Motorcycle Blogs of 2017.

Somehow, this crappy site which I still don’t even have a logo for is up there with actual proper websites like Bike EXIF, Visordown, Bikers Hub and some others I haven’t heard of but will now have to check out as competition.

You can look at this gong in two ways. Either Inside Bikes don’t know what they’re talking about – or they do. But even if they don’t (except I’m telling you they definitely do) I can’t pretend it’s not a big moment for this relatively new, no budget, no income, niche interest motorcycling blog which I thought (more or less accurately as it turns out) no one except the real connoisseur would read.

So it’s a big thank you to Inside Bikes for the nod and more importantly to each and every site visitor, commenter and sender of kind emails – of which there have been some. You know who you are.

(wells up) I love you all.


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