DVLA Online Service for Change of Ownership a Boon for Ebay Bike Buyers & Sellers

Selling your bike just got a little easier thanks to DVLA’s online change of ownership notification service which went live on the 20th May. 

In the past once you’d sold a bike, you’d sit awkwardly in front of the new owner dutifully filling out the change of ownership details, give them the V5C/2 green tear-off slip for new owners while you later toddled off to the post box to send off the V5 notifying a change of ownership, unless you were daft enough to trust in humanity and let the buyer do this for you. (Note: it’s the current owner’s responsibility).

The only fly in the ointment was if you sold remotely via ebay and the buyer sent a van service to collect the bike on their behalf – an increasingly common situation in online auctions where the bike could be miles from the buyer’s home. The problem here was the buyer couldn’t physically sign the bottom of the change of ownership form, creating a moral quandary for the seller. Does the seller fake the buyer’s signature with their permission to expedite the process (surely not!) or leave it blank and risk problems with DVLA down the line?

Well thanks to the online service this point is now moot. When you sell a bike and don’t have the buyer present at the changeover, simply go to https://www.gov.uk/sold-bought-vehicle and follow the simple 5 minute process to notify them of the changeover. You don’t need a signature, all you need are the new owner’s name, address and email address to complete the process.

I’ve used it four times now and it’s as easy as not paying for a stamp. Here’s a quick rundown of how to do it with a few screen shots of the entire process:

Clicking the https://www.gov.uk/sold-bought-vehicle link brings up this page. You can access it from 7am – 7pm.

dvla 1

Click start and let’s get going. Are you a trader?

dvla 2

What have you done with the bike?


dvla 4

Who did you sell it to?

dvla 5

Next you get an info page telling you to fill out and give the V5C/2 to the new owner just like normal. Now click “Tell DVLA” to continue notifying them of the change with the online service.

dvla 6

Add vehicle reg number; you’ll also need the V5C to copy the unique 11 digit document reference number from it into the online form. Add your own email address here if you want your own email notification from DVLA at the end of the process.

dvla 7

At the bottom of the form you get to say if the vehicle is being sold to a private individual or business.

dvla 8

Now start filling in the new keeper’s details.

dvla 9

Some details are optional but remember to add the new keeper’s email address. This is important as they’ll receive a notification that the changeover is being done.

dvla 10

Select home address of new keeper from drop down options

dvla 11

Add date of sale

dvla 12

If you make a balls up you’ll see this…

dvla 13

Check all is correct before proceeding…

dvla 14

You did it! Read the info on what happens next for you…

dvla 15

…and the buyer. Now smugly await your email confirmation and toss away that old V5C.

dvla 16



  1. “I’ve used it four times now and it’s as easy as not paying for a stamp.”

    Really? My post office keeps stamps with the cashier, behind bullet proof glass. I guess the DVLAs website must be pretty complicated!

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