Readers’ Bikes: Phil’s Ducati Monster 1100S

Phil’s beautiful, tastefully modded and eat-your-dinner-off-it clean Ducati Monster 1100S is the first bike in this occasional feature which (now that I have more than one reader) I’m calling Readers’ Bikes.

Scroll down to find out exactly what Phil thinks about his Duke (and why he considers me a poor pillion passenger).

Make and model: Ducati Monster 1100S

Did you buy it new or used? Used from a nice man near Bedford

Where did you buy it from? eBay

How long have you owned it? 18 months

What made you choose this model bike in particular? I have a long suffering relationship with Ducati and wanted to find something to get me back into riding again without going mad. I also wanted a bike that I could maintain myself and would not depreciate too much. It’s also a work of art.

What do you use it for and how often? Ride it every week or so for a weekend blast and a couple of longer trips a year.

Is it costly or cheap to run? Cheap to run as I do most of the work myself. Decided to get the belts done by a local specialist which was about £250. Parts aren’t the cheapest. A set of clutch plates were £120. So far no huge bills.

What’s it best and worst at? Great for short twisty trips. Bad at long touring trips in the rain. (Cornwall in June)

Will you keep it or sell on – and if you sell, what’s next? Considering selling it, but went out on it this morning and not sure I can part with it. If I do I’ll buy a Ducati Multistrada 1200S Touring with a Sport Pack in white (not that I’ve been looking 😉 )

Have you experienced any reliability or finish problems with your bike? Surprisingly no.

Does it have any mods or upgrades and are they any good? Evotech tail tidy* – much prefer the look, Ducati Performance LED indicators* – really good and much smaller, Sargent seat* – It was expensive but made it more comfortable for long trips stopping the twins from being squashed against the tank, Rizoma bar* – slightly higher and back a little – better for longer distances, Rizoma Rearsets– adjustable and removed the rear pegs, Ducati steering damper* – more stable at speed, Brembo racing levers, Carbon bits and bobs.

Did you do them or was it the previous owner? I did the items marked with a *

Do you maintain the bike yourself and if so what type of maintenance do you normally do? Routine maintenance. I get the professionals in for anything I think I could cock up.

How did you learn to work on your own bike? Common sense and the internet.

Do you have any advice for budding home mechanics? Take your time, invest in good tools, research and do it yourself to really understand how your bike works.

Worst home maintenance cock up: Me? .. never. It’s been okay so far.

Best home maintenance moment: Nothing monumental .. so far haven’t reached for the cable ties or gaffa tape which is an achievement for me.

Knowing what you know now, would you buy the same bike again? Perhaps. It’s a great design, but just not what I need at the moment. I need something that I can use more often.

Rider Profile:

Name: Phil

Occupation: IT/Marketing Consultant

How long have you been riding? 20 years on and off

Best-ever biking experience: 4 day trip around the North Coast 500 in Scotland on a Honda Africa Twin – a surprisingly good bike

Worst-ever biking experience: Nearly losing some 6’4’’ idiot off the back of my 750SS on a French motorway 😉 (For the avoidance of doubt, Phil is referring to me after the bellend suddenly crouched to avoid the wind blast without making sure I was awake – which, to his clear surprise on seeing my feet rise into the air, I wasn’t. 😀 )

Any biking money-saving tips you’d care to share? Learn to maintain it yourself

How you would change motorcycling for the better in one sentence? Motorcycle section in driving test theory exam relating to motorcyclists and what to look out for

Anything else you’d like to add? Great blog .. enjoying reading it

A massive thank you to Phil! Now get that dental floss out and start again man. There’s dust on it.

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