Readers’ Bikes

My glorious/average/decrepit bike roundly ignored on the Internet without any form of reimbursement in one of the top 10 motorcycle blogs of 2017 according to Carole Nash Insurance? Sign me up!

The Armchair Biker Blog is experimenting with an occasional, potentially unsuccessful and so possibly never to be repeated Readers Bikes feature. Not very original you might think – and you’d almost be right. The difference? I’d like to feature everyday bikes, not just the unrealistically clean show ponies that end up relentlessly in the motorcycle press which make you feel bad about how you treat your own wheels. That ageing, humdrum, oxidised, everyday machine of yours* could be the very thing I’m searching for, especially if you’re the type of motorcyclist willing to fill in a questionnaire – the best type of motorcyclist I always say…

*(I will accept unrealistically clean show ponies only as a kind of sorbet, to clear the palate)

The Questionnaire?

If you’re up for it, simply use the contact form on the home page or email me directly at thearmchairbiker (at) gmail (dot) com and tell me what bike you’ve got. If it fits the site, I’ll send the questionnaire over.

Fill out the questionnaire as best you can then return it with a few digital photos of your bike and I’ll see if I can work up a blog post featurette on your bike which may then be read by upwards of twenty five people. Imagine it! Don’t worry about grammar etc – you’re not getting paid and there’s no guarantees I can publish what you send me anyway – just like what a real motorcycle magazine editor would tell you in fact.

What am I looking for?

Everything motorcycle-y, especially if it’s in some way interesting. Even more so if you actually use it and work on it yourself. It could be a daily ride/under restoration/hidden with reverence under newspapers in your shed or even encased within several banana boxes.

You could have a trike, a Batavus moped, a track day Fireblade, a 300,000 mile MZ (unlikely), a Honda Cub or a dull as ditchwater UJM from the Nineties. You might even have some sort of old-fashioned enamel classic that I’ll almost certainly know next to cock all about with which you can demonstrate insufferable smugness when I reply to ask you exactly what a ‘Magneto’ is.

I prefer bikes from the ’70s to the ’00s but I’m open to suggestions – if you love it, think it’s interesting in some way and can say a word or three about it, somebody else will certainly be interested too. Non UK bikes are very welcome.


Due to some people and the modern world, bike images should be supplied if possible without visible number plate/legible VIN number or obvious location information (like house numbers and street signs etc). I can Photoshop licence plates out if necessary.

Send at least a side on view, a three quarter view from front, a frontal view and then any close ups you like (clocks/exhausts/engine/tank etc) or any special features/damage/wear/modifications you think worthy of note.


Modern mobile phone quality jpegs are fine for the web – I have to reduce the file sizes for web publishing anyway. As long as it’s in focus and taken in daylight it’ll be ok. Top tip: take pictures of motorcycles from as low to the ground as possible. They look better.

(Update: the first one is up: Check out Phil’s Ducati Monster 1100S)

Thanks for reading this far! Now why not make the final leap and let your bike become one with the Internet…