who is armchair biker?

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I’m a freelance motorcycle magazine contributor, former bike breaker and industrial museum curator, UK/Italy based bike blogger and all-round oily fingered fix-it-yourself evangelist. I’m interested in biking on a shoestring and getting the most for your motorcycling money through the sharing of hints, tips and experience to help promote biking as an economical and enjoyable form of alternative transport.

The content of this almost zero budget blog reflects what I believe to be the real sweet spot for budget biking  – ’70s to ’00s  era Japanese and European bikes – recent enough to be in fair condition, generally well made and still simple enough to be home fixable.

Though I love all bikes, you won’t find many enamel classics which require a Myford lathe or an investment broker to own here. Equally this is not really the place for bikes which are spanking new and supplied with PCP finance – though I’ll cover ’em if I like ’em.  Old but not too old is my own particular biking niche…

If you want to get in touch for any reason please use the contact form or just leave a comment. Thanks for visiting and ride safe!

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