Scottish Independence Bike-Off

Yes, that’s Nicola Sturgeon in a ladylike photo op as she side-saddles a Kawasaki Vulcan provided by YesBikers for Scottish Independence. Baby kissing’s out – bike slouching’s in.

nicola sturgeon kawasaki vulcan
Credit: Daily Telegraph

The Vulcan’s a good choice for an SNP leader on the campaign trail. According to Kawasaki’s official blurb, Vulcan is “designed for independent minded riders...” This makes it a savvy pick for the SNP media team. Or a massive fluke. Who knows.

In the interests of political balance though, here’s Ms. Sturgeon’s Conservative nemesis demonstrating an earlier vote-winning legs-akimbo seating stance on a Harley. As a biker, I find on balance that Ruth has it here. She’s owning that thing – Nicola’s seems like she’s just borrowing. Tip: more commitment next time please Nicola.

Unfortunately Harley didn’t pen any unionism-friendly slogans for Ruth, so she’ll just have to make do with their “Like A Skinny Dip In The Pool Of Freedom” slogan, which heads Harley’s official Twitter account today:

ruth davidson motorcycle
The United Kingdom: Better Together “Like A Skinny Dip In The Pool Of Freedom”. Credit: Person with camera

Since Kezia Dugdale hasn’t got round to her own bike-specific press call yet we still don’t have an ultimate winner, so while we wait here’s George Osborne, concentrating hard on looking electable while the Directors of Norton openly mock his efforts.

george osborne servicing a norton fail
Osborne: Screwed.  Credit: Mike Sewell

That worked out well for him anyway.

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