Smart Turn System Self-Cancelling Smart Indicator Unit – Unboxing

Smart Turn System, manufacturers of this new self-cancelling turn accessory system have sent me a unit to assess for your great benefit. Of course it’s not the first self-cancelling motorcycle indicator system, but STS claim it’s the world’s first retrofittable ‘smart’ one.

What does it do? Well it’s not just an egg timer like you got in the old days – and it doesn’t beep annoyingly at you either. It uses the magic of algorithms (and presumably accelerometers and other motion sensors) to read the real-time position and attitude of your bike on the road, then cancels your flashers automatically after you’ve completed your manoeuvre whether you’re exiting a roundabout, completing a left or right turn or even changing lanes.

I’ll be fitting it to my test bed R1100RT and road testing it soon.  As a died in the wool retrogrouch I’ll be interested to see if it answers the eternal question ‘do you need this stuff?’ and to see how it performs. I’m hoping at the least it’ll simplify the use of BMW’s daft native indicator system which requires three separate buttons and two hands to operate (if you’re not au fait with BMW’s flawed indicator ideas, the cancel button is separate from the two equally distinct directional ones and if you’re used to swapping between bikes and don’t remember in the moment, ‘push up to cancel’ on the right bar is all too easily mistaken for ‘push up for very loud horn’ on the left bar).

All to come. But for now, here’s a quick sneak peak of everything you get in the box:

If you want to see more you can visit the STS site at 


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