Spotted: Kawasaki GPz550

If this was an old British bike, the OCD-ometer would be swinging off the scale in some quarters right now as some parts of this old Kwak are non original.  Imagine who would do such a thing (me for one.) Now it’s a worse investment opportunity than the lawnmower it’s parked next to.

Thankfully GPzs aren’t really investable yet (container-ship handling 750 Turbo and maybe an early mint 1100 or  900R aside) and from the distance I saw this 550 from (a long one – I was too afraid to cross the road) it looks to be the half-faired model now missing its upper fairing and fitted with aftermarket round headlight and brackets instead. A non original 4-1 exhaust and chromed universal front mudguard set off the yellow paint scheme and there’s that brown seat cover too.

Despite how it sounds, this probably accident-repaired GPz looks much better than the sum of its parts, and as a bonus it’s in everyday use so wins the Internet for one whole day.



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