Spotted: Yamaha Chappy

The Chappy was a popular ’70s – ’80s hire scooter available in both 72 or 50cc versions, the latter of which Moped Army describes as feeling “much like coasting a bicycle down a small incline”.  Which, if accurate, is still probably too fast.

This brown beauty was sent in by a reader in Corfu who recalls a Greek family holiday and the hire of a brace of Chappys for an outing. During the ride, one family member (a senior RAF man more familiar with the controls of a Lancaster Bomber) suddenly found his charge swallowed by a hole in the road leaving him standing quite Chappy-less, with one leg either side of the opening and the unfortunate Yamaha almost out of sight. Chappy down Hunter Leader…

Yet in that byegone age of great British resolve (The Eighties, keep up) all was not lost. The unfortunate Chappy was quickly excavated, ties were straightened and the ride continued. Lesson? In moments of potential motorcycling panic, don’t lose your chappy.

Pip pip!

*Dambusters theme plays softly in background*


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