Tom Hardy: “I Caught The C**t”

It’s an unfairly stigmatising term but however you refer to it, Moped Enabled Crime is a big deal in London. But this morning I learned no one need fear when actor Tom Hardy‘s in town. At least if you believe the Press anyway.

As reported in the Telegraph, The Mad Max star floored a moped thief who’d sprinted off after crashing, allegedly announcing his nab with the legend “I caught the c**t” once police arrived to put said c**t into custody (and where I presume he was charged with being a c**t).

Even if the story turns out to be an over enthusiastic PR job (police dispute the press reports and Hardy’s saying nothing) thank God for public school educated actors who know how to employ the word in its proper context. Whatever you believe, moped thieves are indeed c**ts.

Hat tip, Tom.

tom hardy mad max
Actors – is there anything they can’t do? (aside from stopping Brexit obvs)

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