Top Tip: Pattern Coils

Not buying cheapo pattern parts just because you don’t know where they’re produced is bad consumer practice. I mean imagine if we all suddenly applied the same ethics to our supermarket shopping – the horse meat industry would be out of business in a week. And no true lasagne connoisseur wants that.

No, the real annoyance of unbranded parts isn’t unknown origins but a lack of proper marking especially on electrical bits. Here’s one quick get around:

Original Suzuki: marked, but after 30 years obviously open circuit.

If you’re buying pattern coils like I did here for an ’80s Suzuki GSX multi with wasted spark ignition you’ll probably find they have no useful lead markings, unlike the originals.

Wasted Spark Ignition? Many multi cylinder bikes have two HT leads per coil feeding two separate cylinders. The coil fires both simultaneously even though one piston is out of phase – hence a ‘wasted’ spark. It’s a nifty idea on a four cylinder machine. Instead of having four big separate coils wedged under your tank you get by on just two.

Make life easy – add a few cable ties as handy and permanent numerical markers as you go and you’ll never be stuck again come plug swap time. Works a treat on keeping splittable fuel injection feed and return pipes separate too.

There is nothing in life a cable tie cannot improve.


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